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Our team of experts has got you covered when it comes to facilities management. Time is valuable, and as a business owner, you can count on us to help you plan and make sure that your property is well taken care of. We have a vast network of trusted and experienced technicians, suppliers, vendors to get you the best rates for your facility needs. From consulting to maintenance work, there is no need to waste your time shopping around or keeping someone on the payroll to manage your property needs. Our 24-hour command center will ensure that we are here to serve you anytime.

Your property is one of the essential parts of your business, and ensuring its maintenance can cost a lot of time and money. QRMI is an extension of your business, helping you protect and manage your facility, so you don’t have to.

With QRMI, you have peace of mind that any issues will be resolved by a professional promptly. Rest assured, all your needs are looked after when it comes to facilities management. You are also guaranteed the best rates each time you need service. Most importantly, you can focus on what is most important, your business.


Based in Burlington Ontario, QRMI not only manages properties for the owner but also maintains relationships between tenants and landlords. Our goal is to help you minimize your operating expenses and improve your bottom line, giving you peace of mind that your facility is under the care of experienced professionals.

Reap the rewards of more profit and reduce your unnecessary concerns about facility management. Let us handle it all for you.

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